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SUBMIT TO: Nancy Egerer, 11533 Newman Rd.  Brighton, MI 48114,
rockyacrefarms1943@att.net Make Checks Payable to MBGBA

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QUALITY CALL DUCKS FOR SALE: White, Gray, Butterscotch, Blue-Black
Bibbed, Khaki, Buff and White Crested also black East Indies.  MJ Waterfowl 6577
Becker Rd. Saginaw, Mich 48601    Ph: 989-753-3684
E: mail   

FOR SALE: Black copper marans. These birds are of the French standard feathered
legged variety. Stock is from the Wade jean lines, producing nice dark eggs. Hatching
eggs $ 30.00 a dozen, chicks $ 6.00 ea. Straight run.  E:mail
616-284-7098 Ada, Mi.

SWAP: 07 Hatch Pinoned male trumpeter swan, for an adult female. 2010 hatch, India
blue peacock $15.00 ea. Black shoulder $20.00 ea. Red & yellow golden pheasants
$7.50 ea.  Lady Amherst, silver, reeves $10.00 ea.   
11 hatch Mandarin ducks $12.50 ea.  
10 hatch Indian blue $35.00 black shoulder $40.00 ea.
Jack Gulvas 450 N. Eber, Holland, Oh. Ph: 419-865-1613        

FOR SALE: 2011 Hatch, Bob white quail, Ringneck pheasant’s chicks Pam 1-517-589
pudpalm@hotmail.com  2850 Kelly Rd. Leslie, Mi.

Bay City Pigeon Fancier’s Tim Stajkowski Sec./ Treas. 1411 E Midland Rd. Bay City,
Mi 48706

FOR SALE: 2011 Hatch, Impeyen Pr’s Extra Males, Blue Eared Pr, Lady Amherst Pr’s  
Temmincks male’s  Satyr Male, Red Golden Male’s Red’s Exotic Pheasants. Call 810-
227-6503 or e:mail  

FOR SALE:  2011 Mountain Quail, Elliot Pheasants, Duff Cochin Bantams and a Red
Golden Cock from import stock. Call Richard at 586-255-3861

FOR SALE: 2010 Unrelated pair Blue eared, 2010 Blue eared male, 2011 unrelated
pair Blue Eared, Yellow Golden Pairs, Sibling pair Elliot’s for sale or trade of pair of
Elliot's  Mary 906-863-9838 npip flock in upper Michigan can ship pickups always

FOR SALE: 2011 hatch Peachicks, India Blues, Spaulding’s, Whites, Purple’s and dark
Pied’s Age range from 1 to 4 months old
Younger mature Black Shoulder Pea Hen. Call 906-635-9538

WANTED: Will pay top dollar for Breeder age Reeves Pheasants. Will pay top dollar for
true black or green mutant pheasants. Hens and Male must have no brown markings
in their feathers, Also want, Lady Amherst hen’s,
Yellow Golden hen’s and Red Golden hen’s they must be adult breeding age
Ph: 269-367-4865 David and Linda Suntken Woodland aviary 10456
Carhon Center Rd. Woodland Mi 48897 Home of the Siccor-Tail Hybrid Pheasants M.S.

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